Vietnam Expo 2021 "Step together in Digitized world"

Saturday, 17/04/2021 08:55 GMT+7
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The Vietnam international Trade fair 2021 (Vietnam expo 2021) is scheduled to be held between april 14 and april 17 at Ha Noi International Center for Exhibition (I.C.E)

Vietnam International Trade Fair – VIETNAM EXPO has been an annual event since its first show in 1991. The Government of Vietnam assigned the tasks of organization and direction to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, specifically Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency – VIETRADE, in cooperation with other partners. This 30th Trade Fair is co-ordinated by ministries, local authorities, domestic and foreign trade promotion organizations with the aim of accompanying businesses to promote import and export of products, technology solutions and as well as goods and services.

Vietnam Expo 2021 will be an event to concretize the message of the Government with the theme "Step together in digitized world" with the aim of creating exhibitions and forums under the fair's framework by directly and online in order to help domestic and foreign businesses exchange, advertise and seek investment and business opportunities.

Technology equipment
online booths from Korean Busnesses  (photo by VISTIP)

With his own speech at the Expo 2021’s opening ceremony, Mr Do Thang Hai Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade said that Vietnam is in the process of digital transforming according to the policies of the Communist Party of Viet Nam and Vietnamese Government, in fact the Covid 19 epidemic is taking place in many  countries around the world and this exhibition has more than 300 booths: including promotion organizations and businesses from Korea, Cuba, Russia, Germany, Japan, Vietnam. ... so the The Trade Fair organizer has decided to apply online forums, online consulting, B2B online exchange and Hybrid Exhibition as the flexible methods of trade promotion.

One Booth of Automation and artificial intelligence machine (photo VISTIP)

Besides normal partners who introduced the products, goods and services. This Trade Fair also has the participation of some automation technology partners, supporting industrial machinery makers; digital technology firms, e-commerce companies, artificial intelligence, the digital transformation solution area , the  booths of e- commerce of two leading e-commerce firms such as Amazone Global Selling and Alibaba. The visitors in the Trade Fair can see the booths directly and freely try to use manipulation machine to online visit some of the international online booths.

Amazone Global Selling- an online e-commerce consulting booth (photo by VISTIP)

Vietnam Expo 2021 has pioneered the application of an exhibition model combining traditional booths and "hybrid booths", online booths in order to flexibly visit and approach the goods model, technology products and services when the technologies of the era of 4.0 have brought many advantages . The aforementioned connecting information and transmitting data on display in order to overcome the existing obstacles covid-19 when international partners cannot come to Vietnam to exhibit directly at the Expo while the demands for trade between Vietnam and the world continues to increase.

Discussion and seeking business opportunities between Vietnamese  and Cuba construction industrial partners (photo by VISTIP)

According to officials and experts attending the Vietnam Expo 2021’s  opening ceremony on April 14, 2021, the application of information technology, digital platforms and trade promotion at this Trade fair will bring high efficiency to businesses in the recovery and development of production and business activities. Vietnam Expo 2021 is expected by exhibitors, manufacturing partners, trade promotion consultant organizations, customers and visitors to bring the resonance and spillover of the program " Vietnam’s National Digital Transformation" that was launched by the Vietnamese Government, it will create a new forum to connect the business community, entrepreneurs approach digital transformation solutions as well as apply them to increase competitiveness in manufacturing and business, serving domestic and overseas markets.

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