Fostering the application of information technology in production and business for agricultural cooperatives towards digital transformation

Friday, 23/04/2021 09:03 GMT+7
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The workshop “Fostering the application of information technology in production and business for agricultural cooperatives towards digital transformation” was held in Hanoi. The workshop was attended by officials and scientists from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance (VCA), Vietnam Soil Science Association, Bac Giang Agriculture and Forestry University, representing leaders of some sub- departments of Agriculture and Rural Development in Hanoi and some nearby provinces, leaders of some information technology enterprises and directors of agricultural cooperatives.

According to the speakers who shared information at the workshop, at this time agricultural sector will not be placed in a single context, standing alone, but it must be in the general structure of the digital economy, to keep pace with the development of the fourth 4th Industrial revolution such as robotics technology, automation, IT (information technology), IOT (internet of things), Drones (unmanned equipment), e-commerce. , digital marketing, big data, AI (artificial intelligence). Digital technology can improve the method of time management, reduce water and chemical use, produce healthier and more productive crops are of much benefit to the farmers, it also increases and preserves profits. conserving resources while reducing the impact of chemical fertilizers. Therefore, it is necessary to have appropriate application solutions to make digital technology truly one of the factors promoting Vietnam's agriculture to develop and adapt to the trend of globalization.

According to Dr. Le Duc Thinh, Director of Department of Economic Cooperation and Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in parallel with make, integrate, connect and digital transform in the field of state management for cooperative entities is an important measure in the digital transformation process in order to meet the requirement of supporting administrative reform for manage and service; Enhancing the interaction between cooperatives, organizations and government bodies; Support to promote products and trademarks of cooperatives; Improve the efficiency of state management with cooperatives to make management policies more practical to meet development requirements, on the other hand to reduce costs (time, money) as well as enhance openness and transparency as well as meet the tasks requested by the Government (Decision No. 749/QĐ-TTg approved by the Prime Minister of Vietnam: The National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with a vision to 2030) aims to take advantage of the science and technology trend to meet the need of cooperatives about information and business in the new context. However, in the process of implementing the digital transformation, there are still some challenges as follows: Awareness and understanding of some leaders of the cooperatives; The quality of human resources of the cooperative to absorb technology is limited; IT Platforms, Data and Technology; cost... According to Dr Le Duc Thinh, the content of digital technology application in state management is very diverse at many levels of data in relevant fields including: Building data on mechanism, organizations, business of the cooperatives such us land, products, production processes; the production and business environment of the cooperative's data; Data on law: Standards, regulations; connection system between state authorities and cooperatives; Providing public services and information (distance education); software for management, production and businesses connecting. In recent years, the Department of Economic Cooperation and Rural Development has implemented digital transformation in state management of cooperatives: The software has been built for inter-level state management; Building multi-target data will continue to be developed; provide public services and distance education for cooperatives.

Doctor Le Duc Thinh- Director of Department of Economic Cooperation and Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development  with his presentation at the workshop (Photo by VISTIP)

At the Workshop, Doctor Pham Vu Minh Tu from the Post and Telecommunication Institute of Technology shared some digital transformation recommendations for Vietnam's agricultural sector as follows:

 - Build smart agricultural sector, precision agricultural, to increase agricultural digital proportion in the economy.

 - Building a civilized rural for Vietnamese cultural characteristics associated with the new rural model of Vietnam.

- According to Doctor Tu, in order to carry out digital transformation in agriculture, it is necessary to focus on building big data systems and the sector's knowledge about land, crops, aquatic animals

- Building an integrated monitoring and monitoring network (on the air, under ground) serving agricultural activities;

 - Providing information on the environment, weather, soil quality to improve yield and quality of crops;

- To standardize and automate production processes, agribusiness, automation, production mechanization, management processes, traceability,  supply chain towards a mechanized agriculture synchronization; ensuring the transparent, accurate food safety and hygiene with digital technology applications.

- Need to train skills for farmers, agricultural workers to apply in production, supplying, distribution and forecasting.

- To promote e-commerce in agriculture; implementing strong digital transformation in management to have timely policy in agricultural development, market warnings, planning management...

Delegates heard presentations from representatives of some technology firms with their advanced information technology for digital transformation in agricultural production and business.

Representative of  Post and Telecommunication Institute of Technology share his recommendation about digit
al information for Vietnamese Agricultural at the work shop (Photo by VISTIP)

Mr Le Anh HoangDirector of Digital Cooperative with his presentation at the work shop (Photo by VISTIP)

Within the framework of the workshop, delegates and board of organizers also focused on discussing issues of integration and international cooperation in digital technology development to improve the product quality of cooperatives to participate the global value and supply chain, human resource training for Cooperative Directors and cooperative members; improving transparency in food management by digitally applying and traceability, risk management in digital conversion when joining the supply chain, the GLOBALGAP standard, the linkage between government authorities, agricultural associations, cooperatives and technology firms in digital transformation; The required standards of agricultural products consumption from development countries  should be simplified and provided to technologists and cooperatives for better cooperation in technology application and digital transformation.

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