Building up the Science and Technology Collaboration between VISTIP and CIRAD

Wednesday, 19/05/2021 14:43 GMT+7
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On May 12, 2021, in Hanoi, Center for Vietnam Nam Science and Technology Internationalization Promotion (VISTIP), the Ministry of Science and Technology had received the working expert team of the Agricultural research Center for international development of the Public of France (CIRAD) led by Dr. Estelle Biénable, a senior agricultural economist from the Innovation Research Unit and MALICA. Mrs. Bui Thi Huy Hop, Deputy Director of VISTIP chaired the meeting. The two sides discussed issues of science and technology cooperation in agriculture.

At the meeting, VISTIP introduced about Vietnam's science and technology research and development system, as well as the roles, functions and tasks of VISTIP, especially emphasized its strengths and priority orientations in cooperation with international organizations such as CIRAD.

The CIRAD side, besides sharing its activities in Vietnam last year and CIRAD's priorities in Vietnam in the coming time, presented a number of research and development activities that conducted in Vietnam and Asia by CIRAD in collaboration with partners (international and Vietnamese), such as the program studied value chains of some crops, food safety, information sharing in the agricultural sectoc, market and agricultural linkages in the region; Another issues that CIRAD cares about are ecological environment, carbon emission in agriculture. Sharing about these issues, Ms. Bui Thi Huy Hop also introduced and invited CIRAD to consider involving as a key partner in a collaboration proposal called AI Doctor initiated by VISTIP.

The two sides have openly and actively discussed a number of specific cooperation activities that can be carried out in the near future. Especially members of the both sides have discussed on promotion to connect, mobilize resources from stakeholders (enterprises, associations, domestic and international) in research cooperation activities; organizing events, setting up pilot projects and building a database of agricultural experts and scientists in the world; ecological agriculture in Southeast Asia; and applying innovative solutions to connect and link the Asian agricultural market chain.

The two sides openly and actively discussed specific cooperation activities (Photo by VISTIP)


At the meeting, the CIRAD representatives expressed their wish that VISTIP would be an important partner acting as a bridge between French partners and Vietnamese agencies, ministries, sectors, localities, businesses and the sience and technology community in the fields of science and technology cooperation in agriculture. Dr. Estelle Biénable suggested that will discuss with responsible people to come up with specific cooperation activities with VISTIP. With the functions and tasks assigned by the Minister of Science and Technology to be the bridge between the domestic and international science and technology community, supporting enterprises to apply advanced technologies, VISTIP agreed to work with CIRAD to study and discuss in more depth to find the optimal implementation method. Mrs. Bui Thi Huy Hop recomended that in the coming time, the two sides need to set up pilot cooperation projects/ activities in consistent with the priority orientation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam and in accordance with the wishes and capabilities of CIRAD.

Together towards the goal of sharing information and applying science and technology, expert knowledge to solve problems in agriculture and the environment; applying innovative ideas in connection, market linkage and agroecology in Vietnam and in the Asia region, the two sides will jointly exchange and build specific cooperation activities with the participation of stakeholders, especially businesses and local units right from the beginning stage./.

The two sides took souvenir photos (
Photo by VISTIP)

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